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"No-holds-barred portrait of an American family..." SF360

"★★★ 1/2" STAR TRIBUNE


"a Minnesota family’s rawest and most intimate moments" 



"Mark Wojahn’s searing sophomore feature..." 7X7.COM


 TRAMPOLINE is a vunerable and intimate story of a family in Minnesota being torn apart by the stress of their daily lives. Their world is a roller coaster of teen parties, third-degree burns, unemployment, drugs, and marital strife. The central character is the mother, Osla, whose pluck and spirit and will to protect her children helps them rise and overcome their circumstances.


Mark Wojahn promotes Trampoline on San Francisco's NBC morning show, while at SF Docfest 2010.



Long Synopsis

TRAMPOLINE is the true story of a year in the life of a family. It centers on a mother in Minnesota, Osla, who is fighting to save her family from their stepfather, Nathaniel, who is challenged by extreme family circumstances. Even though they have been married for 12 years, Osla struggles with Nathaniel to co-parent her four teenage children; Chanel, Wolfgang, Tabitha and Johann.

Nathaniel is primary grade schoolteacher and the breadwinner of the family. She attempts to balance him and the checkbook while desperately trying to make ends meet as she is about to lose her part-time job. The children all have big personalities and half of them are into taking pills or smoking dope. While high on valium, their youngest daughter is rushed to the emergency room for setting her leg on fire. Their oldest son, Wolfgang is bipolar and is fighting an addiction to drugs. Soon enough he is kicked out and is living in a house where they throw keggers to raise money for rent. The baby of the family, thirteen year old Johann, is into burning things around the house and breaking curfew.

Simply, their life is a roller coaster and midway into the filming, Nathaniel starts to have a mental  breakdown and is accused of having "a secret life with friends". Soon he is talking about a separation and removes his wedding ring. This throws the family into an tailspin, and we all wonder will the parents break up?

TRAMPOLINE is stranger than fiction. Its' a
true story of the drama of raising kids. The experience will leave you shaking your head.  You will ask yourself, did I just see that?